There is a lot going on in this picture:

All I know is, Drew Barrymore is SO LUCKY that Kyle Chandler won this award for best actor, because I think the world was in the middle of Tweeting, “OMG, WTF is Drew Barrymore wearing and WHY CAN’T SHE EVER DRESS HERSELF FOR AN AWARDS CEREMONY” but then immediately had to start over and instead Tweet, “KYLE CHANDLER!!!!!!!!” And, okay, by “the world,” I mean “me,” but I’m sure I wasn’t alone, because  A) Kyle Chandler is awesome, and B) This looks like what would happen if a flapper got some bad moonshine and ended up procreating with a shower curtain.

PS: Could someone just remind Drew — who I actually don’t even dislike, but while we’re at it, I think this is important — that she didn’t INVENT Charlie’s Angels? The rest of us will thank you.