I have many a thought about Maggie here:

First and foremost: I think this haircut, about which I have been bitching for weeks, is finally at a place where I feel comfortable categorizing it as very cute on her. Maggie has a weird quality where I feel like she always looks a little sweaty — like, wherever she is, from the Oscars to a movie premiere, she ALWAYS looks to me like she walked there on a humid day. There is something about her that seems permanently clammy. But I think this hair sort of works with that instead of against it. And there you have it, the internet’s most backhanded compliment of the day: “Your haircut really works with that sweaty thing you’ve always got happening. You’re welcome.”

But maybe part of the sweatiness steams from the fact that she’s got an afghan wrapped around her waist. I actually think the bodice of this is quite flattering, and I dig the skirt, but…what IS happening….around…her waist? It’s like….a giant knit scrunchie. I’m loathe to see that around a ponytail, much less a torso. So I would obviously extract that itchy mama and call it a day. What about you?

[Photo: Getty]