If we’ve learned anything from the Emmys, it’s that this is a tough color to wear correctly.

And this is not the way to do it — it’s the wrong combination of consumptive makeup and a whole lot of dress. We here at GFY HQ have a major soft spot for J.Lo.Hew and she’s had a tough year, so we don’t blame her for trying to inject a little sunshine via a day-glo demi-caftan. In fact, we applaud her for resisting the urge to go full caftan and bunny slippers. But, in the Fantasy Stylist spirit: I think I’d fix this by snipping either the sleeves or the skirt, just so there’s less of all the glaring yellow, then prescribe a red lip. But really, it probably needs to be a richer, gentler yellow — more dijon than canary. What would you do, Fug Nation? Embrace her with your tender healing aura.

[Photo: WENN]