I’ve been gazing at this picture for a while, mutely, wondering why I don’t have more to say. I think it’s because in general my only real thoughts about America Ferrera involve reaching back to seeing The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in theaters and coming out of it saying, with my friends, that “cute little America Ferrera” and “the girl with the HAIR, OMG HER HAIR, who played Bridget” were probably going to be pretty big stars someday. I would like to say that makes us psychic, except that a) I think we were supposed to come out of that movie thinking that, and b) psychic would be if we’d predicted America would someday wear a poncho and braces, and that blondie would marry an alliteratively named actor whom Hollywood REALLY REALLY wants to insist is a mega-A-lister despite the fact that he hasn’t actually been in any good movies (maybe one?).

Anyhoo: How about those ladies, huh? Well done. Blake Lively in particular (because of Pants and Gossip Girl) should have invited all of Alloy Entertainment to her wedding.

Lord, sorry. I keep digressing.

Happy to see that America Ferrera is inching back onto the scene, but I just wish she weren’t on her way here from writing a doctoral thesis called, “Peplumacy And The Art of War: How To Muck Up Your Pelvis With Flaps of Fury.” If we snipped that thing off, this dress would look cleaner and more flattering. We could continue on and leave off the sheer-ish shoulder, or keep it and just trip the extra froof off her left one. Although for me, simply clipping off the groin wings would be enough. It looks like she sliced off the bottom half of somebody’s suit coat and is wearing it like a warning to all the other suit coats out there who have wronged her. What would you do to this, Fug Nation? Or would you leave it as-is and go watch the movie about the magic jeans?

[Photo: Getty]