Viola CLEARLY wins at the lipstick and bracelet games.

The dress itself is more of an almost, for me. I love the color and the texture — I REALLY wish I could reach into my computer and touch it — but something about the draping seems off. I think it’s an optical illusion, but I keep thinking her left boob is being shoved higher than the other side, against its wishes. And I’m not sure the asymmetrical hem flatters her. Would it be better knee-length?

And then we get down to the blue velvet shoes and my feet start to feel hot and I long for a bracing winter wind, the likes of which you only get in L.A. if you, in fact, completely leave L.A. In sum, I guess this all feels a bit heavy for the climax of summer movie season, and I might go stick my head in the freezer.

[Photo: Getty]

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