As I said last season, I completely understand why people who loved Tom Bergeron would bristle at Tyra’s Dancing With the Stars hosting style. But for the pandemic season when there was no one in the house, Tyra’s over-the-top energy gave it some zip to make up for that, and I actually think her campy promenading each week fits so well with the show itself. I honestly think it helps knock DOWN the fromage factor of some of the dances and the costumes, in a way that is useful? Regardless… this woman is coming in like a wrecking ball, and honestly, I would not be surprised if they did a Miley Cyrus week where she came in like an ACTUAL wrecking ball.

Here’s what Tyra wore in weeks one and two, and if you watch the show, feel free to chat up the first two weeks. Is it crazy to me that Amanda Kloots, who has made her living as a dancer, is on the same show for ostensible rookies as Martin Kove from The Karate Kid. (Also she is friends with Carrie Ann from their day job at The Talk?!?) They do this every season — sneaking in people who have prior experience — but hers feels really overt to me somehow? The show is more INTERESTING to me when it’s a bunch of people with two left feet learning how to make them work, but whatever. I AM excited for Jojo Siwa, I love Mel C, and I’m curious whether Brian Austin Green dancing with his actual girlfriend gives him an advantage because they already have interpersonal chemistry and are comfortable with each other, so you lose the getting-to-know-you nerves. Suni Lee also talked openly about how different this is than gymnastics performing, and how hard it’s been for her to share herself and her feelings while the world is watching because her sport is about — as she put it, though I’m paraphrasing — keeping that all bottled up so that nobody senses any weakness. It was quite touching, I thought, and also a sad commentary on the sport’s day-to-day toxicity at a time when that’s being closely examined for myriad other reasons. To the comments!