I generally think of myself as a person who at least kinda knows what movies are being released, just because so much of my job involves looking at photos of people at Comic-Cons and movie festivals, and yet! I was wholly unaware of this  hundred million dollar adaptation of what is apparently a very successful YA novel series that I haven’t read because futuristic dystopia YA isn’t really my jam (The Hunger Games being the exception that proves the rule). In fairness, it’s extremely possible that every time my brain read the words Mortal Engines, it put in the words Mortal Instruments and I was vaguely pleased for Lily Collins and then went on with whatever else I was thinking about. BUT NO. This is a whole other movie, with wholly other people, and they had a premiere in London yesterday, and they wore stuff.

[Photos:  David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock, Anthony Harvey/REX/Shutterstock]