Longtime readers of this site are aware that when I am writing my posts, I tend to put in a placeholder for the text, place the photo, and then write the post. But instead of nonsense or “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet” or “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” or “marry me, Jon Hamm” or whatever, I just write “words words words words words.” And once I forgot to fix that and therefore PUBLISHED a post where my own comment was “words” and now sometimes when we don’t know what to say about someone, we just say, “WORDS.”

WORDS. SO MANY WORDS. Actually, not even words. I think I am past words, and into just punctuation. Like: !!!!!!!! and [email protected]$%$%@#$*($%%%%@!!&^%#+&$%&U$%#$^@#^#%!^^!# and [INTEROBANG!], so much [INTEROBANG!] and also just, like, numbers, like binary code maybe could cover this, like this dress is SO 101011100010111011101. IT’S SO 101011100010111011101 it’s [INTEROBANG!]!