Tori here sang the National Anthem at Saturday’s Run for the Roses — which I forgot was happening until about half an hour before the bell, but I gather they cut attendance to a third of its usual capacity. That still ended up totaling 51,000 people, and it was a little stressful to see; I accept that much of that is because of my own re-entry anxiety (I’m exactly two weeks away from vaccine dose #2 and being as careful as ever so as not to — as they say — fumble on the one yard line), but it also didn’t feel like I saw a ton of masks, despite officials saying they’d be mandatory. It still looked pretty full on TV. I don’t know. I think it’s just going to be like this for me for a while, and that’s okay. I’d rather not get complacent, and if that means I watch a sporting event and wince a little because I can’t tell if the crowds are far enough apart, so be it.

ANYWAY: I missed Tori. I am sure she sounded good. She picked an exuberant Marc Jacobs frock for the occasion. If Emerald Fennell was your pottery teacher who might be shilling a pyramid scheme, then Tori is dressed as the #momfluencer who is trying to get Draper James to carry her line of artisanal bespoke sustainably sourced clean-living self-sanitizing picnic kits. In the meantime, though, she has some Arbonne you could buy.

[Photo: Michael Hickey/Getty Images for Churchill Downs]