This looks comfy! Your tan won’t be weird at all. Definitely wear this one to the country club and see Muffy trip over her sandals on the way to the snack counter as she clocks that you’re nonchalantly sporting sandwich board eyeballs on your boobs.

Informative Caption tells us:

Artist Salvador Dali checks models wearing Dali-designed bathing suits during May 4th fashion show featuring his debut as couturier. The Dali collection was designed for Milwaukee businessman Jack Winter, who will present the show in the U.S. later in the year. The clothes accent “fashion in the back.”

Fashion in the BACK? We’re already getting so much action in the front!

Ah, I see:

Salvador Dali

That is some fashion in the back. I get it now! FWIW, Jack Winter seems like a very forward-thinking Wisconsin clothier — he also helped bring the Brewers to town — and I would love to know how he got the idea to wrangle Salvador Dali into making swimsuits for the women of the Upper Midwest. This contemporaneous article in the New York Times is VERY logistically interesting, even if Mr Winter seems doubtful that the looks will actually sell.

There IS news footage of this show:


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