Emerald Fennell continues to do all the copywriting for the bloggers, saying of this look, “Tonight I am Susan, your pottery teacher who has a business proposition for you that is absolutely not a pyramid scheme.” There’s also something really lovely about her shooting Promising Young Woman in 25 days while heavily pregnant with her first child, and debuting her second pregnancy on the red carpet moments before accepting an Oscar for the screenplay. (She also wrote a musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber this year and around all THAT shot two seasons of The Crown.) Between that and the funny intro with Bong Joon-ho — where he revealed she told him that as a child she always wanted to make movies about murder (she was the Killing Eve season two head writer, also!) — I think Emerald has a lifetime seat at Drinks With Broads, where she will REGALE us with filthy stories from inside the industry while sloshing martini over the sides of her glass. I can’t wait for this fictional party.

This photo came in after I’d already finished the pinks post, and there were some big Laverne Cox embeds in there, so I decided to put it here so that it didn’t somehow feel lost:


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Much will be said and written about the Oscars’ decision to fiddle with the order of the show, to (presumably) pre-write a big ending that then didn’t come to pass. It was a bad gamble, made weirder by the fact that ever since the BAFTAs the pundits seemed to see Anthony Hopkins’s win as more and more certain. At ANY point, they could have changed the order back and ended on Best Picture, celebrating the amalgam of all the creative categories that had already been honored. I guess… credit to them for not cheating and looking in the envelopes, but it was a real whimper of an ending on a lot of levels — not least that they for sure could have guessed that if the winner was NOT Chadwick, it would be Hopkins, whom everyone knew would not be there as he has not attended any of them. And indeed, the air was let out of the room and Joaquin Phoenix scurried off the stage (I don’t blame him) and the credits rolled and we were out. It made the whole thing more wrenching, and I don’t think a Chadwick win would have been any LESS emotional if it had come in the usual spot. The gamble was a bad one. Simone, however, looks no less resplendent, and has handled the journey of his award season with utter grace.

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