Cynthia, in a commitment to art that is rampant these days, shaved her head for her role in Wit on Broadway. So that explains that — and actually she’s carrying that off way better than I expected, so hurrah.

But what do we think of the gown? Most of me thinks this is really fun and bright and different on her; the rest of me can’t put my finger on why I’m not behind it 100 percent. The red stripe, maybe? And the way it cuts all the way through, even over the sparkly bit? But you know, maybe I just need to relax. I always thought Cynthia got shafted a bit as Miranda on Sex and the City — dowdier clothes, often terrible hair, having to do storylines about eating brownies out of the trash — so it’s fun to see that now, of the four of them, she’s nailing it the most professionally AND doing the most interesting stuff on the red carpet. It’s like payback. The universe is like, “Listen, I’m so sorry about that really graphic sex scene they gave you in the first movie, which was A WHOLE LOT OF YOU TO SEE ON A GIANT SCREEN, so I’m going to love you back in other ways.” Okay, I’ve talked myself into liking this. But I promised a poll and a poll I shall deliver. I’m like the postal service, except less likely to rip your mail, or read your magazines in secret before delivering them a day late.

Do you like?

  • I LOVE (35%, 3,171 Votes)
  • I LIKE. I think. (37%, 3,296 Votes)
  • I LOATHE. (7%, 581 Votes)
  • TEAM MIRANDA. Because they were kind of tough on her. (21%, 1,890 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,939

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