In honor of Tom and Kate’s contract finally expiring, and her deciding not to renew, a look back at the craziest shit those two put us through (all of these are old GFY posts, not random internet hoo-ha). I had A LOT of thoughts about Tom’s hair:

This hair was terrible. (His)

This hair was ALSO terrible. (His again)

– This hair was better but remember when they were friends with Posh and Becks and Posh was BLONDE? HER hair is terrible.

– But THIS hair is adorable. (Hers)

– Remember when he made her ride his motorcycle everywhere?

- Remember when Posh wore ALL this CRAZY STUFF to their wedding??

– Remember when she was pregnant for LIKE EVER OMG WTF? (I love this one but it also makes me a little sad because Heath Ledger is alive in it. The last several years have been weird, y’all.)

– Remember when he used to PRESENT her like a doll at things?

– Remember when she used to photobomb Posh and Armani?

– Remember when Chris Klein tried to turn Ginnifer Goodwin INTO her?

– Remember when he dragged her around by the hand and they wore literally matching suits?

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITHOUT THESE TWO? And, more importantly: who’s her rebound going to be, and which starlet will he marry next?