This is Isabelle Adjani. But it might ALSO be Angelina Jolie in about ten years, having remade the cult horror flick Scarecrow Gone Wild into a black-and-white indie noir about Covid and longing and loneliness and self-denial and flour shortage and bad crops and the occasional Pagan ritual. By this time, Angie will only do Method appearances and give faux-deep answers in strained, foreboding tones. “What was the hardest part about making this movie, Angelina?” someone will ask. “Wheat,” she will whisper, pained. “What was your favorite scene to film?” another will attempt, and she will glance toward the sky and say, “Sourdough starters end. Sacrifice begins. Have you a spork? You’ll need it.” I look forward to it.

[Photo: Shutterstock]