First, yes, this is GIF is only tangentially related. Krysta Rodriguez, the subject of this post, appeared on the second season of Smash and this seemed like as good a time as any to dig up some motion pictures related to that show. Sadly she is not IN this GIF, but what can you do? The gods only offer so much. Krysta is, however, in Halston, the Ryan Murphy limited series, on which she’ll play Liza Minnelli while Ewan MacGregor plays the titular designer. Ergo, that must be coming out soon, for the PR machine’s motor is softly whirring.


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Here is my question: Is this wonky tailoring, a wonky angle, or both together? The jacket sincerely does not seem to fit properly, and between that and the pants, the proportions are deeply awkward on her. She is like a gray rectangle. It turns her into a swatch of industrial carpet. I wonder if it should have been left open as it was on the model. Interestingly, Krysta did open it up for some seated pics on her own Insta, and not only does it look better, but she also posted two better ones of her striking standing poses. This shot has a real mug shot quality — like this was meant to be the Proof of Life snap that they sent Max Mara to be like, “Yep, we got it, thanks,” and then it accidentally ended up on the Internet.

Separately, I feel like it would be cool to find a way to put her in some Halston for this, right? Much of it must be archived SOMEWHERE. They’ve also tried to reboot the line here and there over the years — once with Randolph Duke, once with  SJP as creative director — and the Heritage brand is still selling things online at the very least. Here’s one more casual option; here’s a more formal one. That was just from a lazy look at what’s there now. It seems like a missed opportunity for the brand to do something special, but maybe I’m early on this and the real press push hasn’t started yet. We’ll soon see.