This is interesting, right? There’s something artsy about it, like it’s a black-and-white photo blown up and silkscreened onto a dress. I don’t really know what it’s getting at — it almost seems like it’s a rendering of a sweater tied around someone’s waist, but that wouldn’t make sense if this were the BACK of the dress… and of course, you already know from the headline that it isn’t. This is the front. And it’s an interesting front! But for some reason, Amanda Seyfried and her team decided to flip it.

You might be thinking, “Well, the back must be cool then!”

You would be wrong.


It’s… a giant zipper. And not even a cute one.

Maybe something went wrong. Maybe, somehow, sitting on the zipper was uncomfortable. Maybe her tailbone is zipper-sensitive. Maybe her purse filled up and she’s keeping her cell phone in her bra, so she needed easy access. Or maybe many moons ago Amanda Seyfried made a bet with Bill Paxton, or something, that she would never tie a sweater around her waist in public and she felt like this dress might lose her the bet on a technicality if she wore it as it was originally intended. It is a mystery to which only a few people hold the key, and they have kept things locked up tight.

[Photos: Getty]