Naomi Ackie is on the London stop of promoting I Wanna Dance With Somebody, and her dress is giving me an appropriate The Bodyguard vibe. Whitney’s character had a little leather thing in that movie, if I remember correctly — I’m thinking specifically of “Queen of the Night” — and this is glam and dramatic and very much in keeping with Rachel Marron. It’s hard to walk in Whitney’s shoes, I would imagine, and I think she’s given this some good sartorial oomph so far.

I have learned and forgotten SO MANY TIMES that Stanley Tucci is in this movie as Clive Davis. Every time, I think, “Oh, great casting,” and then… lather, rinse, repeat. I should just start assuming Stanley Tucci is in everything. Because for a while there, Stanley Tucci WAS in everything. The devil works hard, but Stanley Tucci works harder. By the time he shows up in Maid in Manhattan, for example, you’re like, “Stanley Tucci is in this TOO? Is there a LAW that we can’t leave him out of anything?” Although he’s GOOD in everything, and also, I feel like it was Bob Hoskins being in that movie that really got me. ANYHOO. Stanley! Love that guy. Hope he’s well. Glad he got paid for Maid in Manhattan. Wonder if he gets a Christmas card from the Loflecks.

[Photo: Richard Young/Shutterstock]