Unlike last week, when I accidentally published this post on a Thursday, today IS Tuesday and I meant to do this! Tomorrow begins our annual End of the Year posting schedule — we’ll still be updating fun looks back at 2022 and a variety of other delights, as usual, so please come by when you get bored — and we’ll be back to normal-ish on January 3rd, 2023. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and a glorious new year.  Thank you so much for choosing to spend some of your free time with us in 2022!

I chuckled at this headline but also it’s true that a lot of people who got their buccal fat removed are going to want it back when they’re older: “Chubby-Cheeked Hotties” Are Pushing Back On The Buccal Fat Removal Trend. [Buzzfeed]

I also chuckled at THIS headline, and this article is a fun read: The Year We Wanted to Be Fancy Little Bitches.  [Eater]

At Town & Country, a question I know we’ve all been pondering: Are Branded Luxury Yachts the New Frontier of High-End Travel? Send me on one and I’ll let you know!

FOR SURE relevant to our interests, and very comprehensive, at Vulture: An All But Definitive Guide to the Hollywood Nepo-Verse

I saw this ad air during the football over the weekend and I did think I was perhaps losing my mind. At Lainey: “Tom Cruise is ABSURD. Tom Cruise is always, absurdly, Tom Cruise. So what else did we expect a holiday message from him to look like? It is exactly what you would expect – because Tom Cruise is consistently and dependably absurd. Which is why he’s sending us his holiday wishes while perched on the outside of an aircraft above South Africa and then FREE-FALLING out of said aircraft … WHILE STILL TALKING.”

I love a story about a mysterious painting and this one is so interesting: The Portrait Hung in Joan Didion’s Home. But Who Painted It? [NYT]

On the topic of interesting art mysteries: For 158 Years, a Cézanne Self-Portrait Hid Behind a Still Life of Bread and Eggs. [Smithsonian]

At Vanity Fair: Anna May Wong’s Lasting Legacy.

And you know these polls are legally binding: Twitter users vote to oust Elon Musk as CEO. [Socialite Life]

I totally get why she did this and ALSO THIS BEBE IS SO CUTE:  Rihanna posted a TikTok with her baby to ruin a paparazzo’s exclusive. [Celebitchy]

IMPORTANT at Slate: The Two Best Ways to Win at Wordle. From crossword experts!

This is accurate: Everything Is ’30 Rock’ Now. I just rewatched all of 30 Rock and a LOT of it is quite prescient. Anyway, if I were the person who’d written the MILF Island episode, I would have called my lawyer about this. [Gawker]

Fascinating: The ‘Perpetual Broths’ That Simmer For Decades. [Atlas Obscura]

Also at Atlas Obscura, the history of the snow globe!

Pajiba theorizes that Zoey Deutch Is the Kate Hudson of the Streaming Era. I totally agree that they’re both highly underrated.

I love the Stud of the Sea! At the LA Times: ‘Below Deck’ was just ‘a terrible idea.’ This salty captain turned it into reality TV gold. 

Some of you might want this: For the Wallowers Among Us: The 15 Saddest Christmas Songs Ever. [Jezebel]

This is fun: What’s the best Christmas cookie? Google shares popular holiday searches by state. I want them all! [USA Today]

SCANDALE!!!!!!!! Ben Affleck cheats on Dunkin’ with Starbucks during coffee run with Jennifer Lopez. [Page Six]

Interesting, and apt if you’re going to be travelling soon: Airport Art Is Taking Off. [Hyperallergic]

And, finally, as is our blessed tradition here in Fug Nation, I give you….