There is one event for which this look is perfect. Picture it: Ashley Graham stars in a long-form late-night infomercial about a product that fights clothing moths. She’s getting ready for a hot date — hair in curlers, etc. — and tells the camera that she’s got the perfect dress to impress Chad. (This infomercial is set in the ’80s; Chad will be played by stock footage of Maxwell Caulfield.) She digs through her closet, pulls this out, puts it on… and cue the sad trombone music. Her dress is ruined! What’s she gonna wear for her big date with Chad?!?? Ladies, don’t let the heartbreak of hungry moths happen to you. For six easy payments of $39.99, call 1-800-NO-MOTHS and we’ll ship out our proprietary moth killing foam kits. Call now, and get the HazMat suit required for application in the states of California, Nevada, Kansas, Idaho, and Vermont absolutely free! Save yourself Ashley’s heartbreak! Don’t disappoint Chad!

[Photo: Photo by Gustavo Caballero/South Beach Photo/REX/Shutterstock]