Logically, on some level, I knew this was a trick — and yet I STILL thought, “DID I NEVER NOTICE THAT MICHELLE YEOH HAS GIANT HANDS?” She does not. And then I thought, “DID MICHELLE YEOH STICK EACH OF HER FINGERS INSIDE A HOT DOG?” She did not. Michelle was on Today to talk about her new movie, and somehow, this ended in… this photo, wherein she’s playing around with some kind of wacky glove:

Michelle Yeoh at 'The Today Show,' New York, USA - 07 Apr 2022

I like to imagine she’s pretending to smoke, but she could also be blowing a kiss. (You can see the other glove in her other hand.) I tried for one half-hearted second to Google what this was, but then I decided… I don’t care. I prefer not knowing. It’s better just to think that Today hands out massive props to people to pass the time while they wait for their segments, and that Michelle was using hers to make naughty gestures at Hoda Kotb to see if Hoda would break.

If you want to see the outfit:

Michelle Yeoh at 'The Today Show,' New York, USA - 07 Apr 2022

… it’s quite good, but for those tulip-hem pants, which I don’t love the look of, and must swish like crazy anytime she walks. I guess that’s why you get goofy with a giant rubber hand. Who even cared about the pants until I tried to make you? Exactly.

[Photos: Mediapunch/Shutterstock]