When I saw this photo, I thought that these men look like they are in a steamy opera — possibly of both the “soap” and “singing” variety — about The Three Musketeers. It turns out they’re ACTUALLY the stars of Pedro Almodóvar’s latest effort, Strange Way of Life, a half-hour short film which is being characterized as “a gay cowboy movie.” And not only does it star these three tousled-haired, smoldering dreamboats and their deep vees and arms…

'Strange Way of Life' photocall, 76th Cannes Film Festival, France - 17 May 2023

… but, also, Ethan Hawke is in it. He looks fabulous here in pin stripes, and Pedro’s preppiness is working for him, too. However, I have to tell you, and this will sting: Pedro Pascal is in this movie, but he did not attend Cannes. I know. Sit with that for a minute. Imagine what he might have contributed to this murderer’s row of suavitude. If it helps, per Variety’s positive review, he does moon the camera. The other interesting tidbit from that piece is that the movie falls eight minutes shy of the threshhold for Best Picture contention. I wonder if he’ll find a way to beef it up (on multiple levels, I suppose), or keep it a tight 31 and enter it as a short film. But… yeah okay that’s probably not AS interesting as buttocks.

[Photos: Niviere David/ABACAPRESS.COM/Shutterstock, Broadimage/Shutterstoc]