In case you didn’t know, Saltburn is the newest from Emerald Fennell and a film more up my street — seemingly, I have not seen it! — there could not be. The official description only reads, “A student is invited to an eccentric classmate’s estate for an exciting summer” but that’s all I personally really need. It’s been called “horny and devilishly twisted,” and the Wiki includes these tidbits: “[Fennell] had long wanted to make her own version of films and books set in a country house, and set the film in 2006 to ‘really [knock] the fucking glamour off things’ by setting it in the recent past,” and “Fennell was successful, with filming occurring at and in Drayton House, Northamptonshire, which had never been used for filming before and may never be used again, with a part of the contract being that no one was allowed to reveal the location of the house or the identity of its owners.” I mean…sold? Also: PEOPLE ARE IN IT. People! Who are out promoting it in OUTFITS and SMILING!

[Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]