Lancia On The Red Carpet At 67th Venice Film Festival: September 8, 2010

BEN AFFLECK: We are having SO MUCH FUN that hopefully no one will bug me about why my wife isn’t with me, again!
REBECCA HALL: I am the meat in a man sandwich.
JON HAMM: You’re the meat in a Hamm sandwich!
JEREMY RENNER: God, I’m short.
BEN: Are all these photos of us clutching at Rebecca and laughing going to start rumors?
JON: Of course! Our Jennifers are going to have to stop reading the Internet!
JEREMY: Can I get an apple crate or something?
BEN: Maybe people will think we’re just hugging Rebecca to hide her outfit.

aff the town red carpet 080910

JEREMY: Her sleeve fabric is longer than my body.
BEN: Cape sleeves! She’s wearing cape sleeves!
JON: I am so afraid of her cape sleeves. 
BEN: That’s going to be my next movie.
JON: Yes! Cape Sleeves!

BEN: It will star Juliette Lewis as a girl whose closet monsters torment her by wearing all her outfits, frightening her with her own maniacal fashion sense. 
JEREMY: I’ll be in it, if you want.
BEN: No, they’re not tiny troll monsters, they’re BIG. We need someone taller. Like Tom Cruise.
JEREMY: Oh, be quiet, you’re the one in the cape sleeves.