I think there are two signs of concern here for Holly Hunter’s mental well-being.

Metropolitan Opera's 2010-11 Season Opening Night -
1) What has happened to her face? She looks more like a cross between Kelly Lynch and Joan Allen. Neither of whom are unattractive — they’re both lovely women — but their names are not Holly Hunter, and thus, it’s weird that Holly looks more like them than she does like herself. 
2) At some point on this night, she must have thought to herself, “I want everybody at the Met Opera gala tonight to think that I am wearing a lace curtain over booty shorts.” She’s not — I THINK that opaque panel is a ruffle on the outside of the dress — but the simple fact that she was willing to play along with the illusion makes me wonder if she suffers from Pelvic Eating- Attention Syndrome. It’s really rather sad, to see the way a person’s inconsiderate groin can hijack a room. If you’re looking for a pet cause for your donation dollars, please, give PEAS a chance.