Before you fret: Yes, we are totally covering Eurovision, but we wanted to give the Billboard Music Awards their due first. After all, every big red-carpet event we get is one that brings us closer to a full slate of them. We’ll run our Eurovision roundup on Tuesday.

Okay, now we can jump straight to wondering things about boob tape and Megan Fox’s tongue, JUST AS THE LORD INTENDED. And by the by, we didn’t have a red carpet picture of Sza, so I was going to embed her Instagram post. But then I read it, and she noted how hard it is for her to overcome her “debilitating anxiety” to go to one of these. I’ll simply link to that instead and say that a) I hope she’s feeling strong, and b) if attending this was an exercise in faking it ’til you make it, she certainly chose the right outfit; that is confidence in dress form.

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