These red-sequin coveralls, which I do not at all dislike, are Dior — a sentence which, on several levels, I did not expect to write. Generally zippers in the front are distracting and don’t lie very well, but this one works because your eye mostly skips over it, except to process that it’s part of the casual-glam aesthetic. Honestly, I think this is a business opportunity for H.E.R. Picture it: a franchise of car repair shops all owned by rad women who can totally diagnose a blown seal and access your CAN-bus and repair the bushes on your wishbone and take out your carburetor if you’re being chased by Nazis, AND like to wear fancy work clothes, because as we all know a love of sequins does not bespeak a lack of skill. The name: Hauteomotive. I would totally go. We all need a good honest mechanic, and I am happy to subsidize some glam.

[Photo: Getty]