Let me be frank: Many, many people who were judged to be part of “Young Hollywood” came to this event and I IGNORED them unless they sported some truly noteworthy outfit, because it’s the end of summer and I have neither the time nor the inclination to find out who they are. ¬†I am a middle-aged woman and I already have a lot of facts in my brain; I do not want to remove the infield fly rule and replace it with some dumb factoid about a YouTube personality who is eventually probably going to make a trillion dollars selling customize Snapchat filters or some shit. Go out and have fun, random young Hollywoodians! I am officially too tired to pay any attention to you until you, like, get a small role in a Rooney Mara movie and they drag you to Cannes and I’m forced to make room for you in my brain. LIVE!

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