A little context: This was in Vegas, and it was a celebration for Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday (which was yesterday, when this photo was snapped) at the Mandalay Bay, which is also where the Cirque du Soleil show set to Michael Jackson music is located. I wondered if maybe they were opening a new show or something, but I think it’s just a party. (Did I fall into a Wikipedia wormhole reading about the “plots” and scandals of various Cirque du Soleil shows in the course of trying to figure that out? Yes, I did. Criss Angel had a FIGHT WITH A CRITIC IN AN EYEPATCH over his! The fight was started because said critic was irritated that Criss Angel gave the finger on national TV after Criss’s girlfriend was eliminated from Miss USA! He also had a fight with Perez Hilton! There was allegedly a “disappointing lack of magic” in his show, in which he played “a Victorian Noble who is on a quest for love and to find his existence in this surreal world.” None of this has anything to do with Michael Jackson, whose Cirque du Soleils are apparently enjoyable and professional and make a ton of money, but I couldn’t be the only person who knew that about Criss Angel upon this day.)

ANYWAY! More context: This was not, as far as I can tell, a costume party. So I am not wholly sure why she is dressed like a rich hippie, other than the fact that she ALWAYS dressed like a rich hippie. (I believe she actually probably is a rich hippie.)  All that aside…is it weird that I think this is kind of cute? It’s VERY costume-y, but those pants are pleasantly loud in a way I find extremely charming. It’s so fun to see someone take “Vegas party” and go in a Goofy Patterned Pants direction and not a Sparkly Cocktail Dress direction. It feels…nearly refreshing.

[Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]