You may know Tom Sturridge here as Sienna Miller’s ex — and the father of her child — or from…well, in all honesty, he doesn’t really have a huge hit on his CV yet. Howevs, he’s playing Lord Byron in a movie about the Mary Wollstonecraft and Percy Shelly (in which Elle Fanning is Mary, and Douglas Booth is Percy, which…I have doubts about this movie already), and he’s ALSO in The Hollow Crown, which is what he’s promoting here, which is “a mini-series of adaptations of Shakespeare’s history plays: Richard II, Henry IV Parts One and Two, and Henry V. ” I am kind of confused, because IMDb says the “first season” of this was in 2012 (which was all the Henrys, and Richard II), and this second season is…Henry IVs again and Richard III? Why would you do…Henry VI again? That…must be wrong. This is giving me so many ellipses.

ANYWAY. Sturridge is playing Henry VI (now…and forever? I don’t know!)  but, honestly, you guys, EVERYONE is in this, or was in this, or has been in this, or will be in this?  Hiddleston was (IS?!??) Henry V (which…it may be hard to top Branagh); Cumberbunnies is Richard III (!!!) ; Lady Mary and Bertie Pelham and Lord G are all in it, for those of us missing Downton. Sign me up, if I can figure it out. ALL THAT SAID:

I am sad he and Sienna broke up, because judging from this outfit, he’s at the very least her style lobster.

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