Garcelle Beauvais will always have a place in my heart. Yes, she works ALL THE TIME and has for years, but to me, she will always be Cynthia on Models, Inc, who went through some REALLY BAD STUFF and also killed a dude (he totally deserved it). She also pushed a couple of people down stairs, and had bulimia. Please note, this show only ran one season. On the other hand, this was back in the day when “one season” meant “twenty-nine episodes,” so REALLY it was like it was three seasons of a British drama.

As I often do when discussing this late, great brilliant effort from Aaron Spelling, I want to leave you with the anonymously-penned synopsis of the final episode on IMDb. Ahem:

In the two-hour, nail-biting, cliff-hanging series final, Sarah’s father arrives in Los Angeles for a visit, and tries to get her to alter her behavior over her drinking and drug use. Mr. Owens then confronts and beats up Ben for abusing his daughter and finally gets Sarah checked into a rehab center. Meanwhile, a smitten Cynthia wants to reconcile with Brian, but catches him in a compromising position with Anna, while at the same time Anna tries to get herself included as a bridesmaid for Adam and Monique’s wedding. But Julie, Linda and Cynthia “encourage” Anna to back out when they push her down a small flight of stairs. (As you do. – J) After Carrie resigns from the agency, she finally tells Hillary about Grayson’s new models who are all ultra-high priced call girls. (Obviously -J) After Hillary threatens to blow the whistle on Grayson, she figures out that Carrie betrayed her. So, Grayson successfully gets revenge when one of her prostitutes and a strong-armed bodyguard set up Carrie in a sting, whom they drug and then ship Carrie to a brothel in an unnamed Central American country as a prisoner, knowing that no one will notice her gone. (!!!!!! – J) In a last ditch effort to stop the wedding, Grayson tries drugging Adam, but he wises up and turns the tables on her again by switching his drugged drink with hers. (Also, he built up an immunity to iocane powder. Never go up a Sicilian when death is on the line – J) Infuriated, Grayson hires a hit man to kill Adam during the wedding ceremony. When the hit man, perched like a sniper atop the church balcony, tries to shoot Adam at the alter, things go wrong when little Daniel gets in the way and Grayson too gets in the way to save her son from getting shot and in the confusion, the sniper opens fire… (Nobody tell Mr Spelling that this is basically a rip-off of the Moldavian massacre on Dynasty.)

Wear whatever you want, Garcelle, for you have brought me joy.

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