I’m curious how this movie is going to do. Ant Man: Quarterly Report was not an auspicious start to Marvel’s next phase, and frankly, it’s been a real long minute since a) the second Guardians movie, and b) the end of the original phases that connected the Guardians to Iron Man, Captain America, et al. I mean, it’s not like any Marvel movie is going to REALLY suck eggs at the box office, but long-term, do people still care about these yahoos? Or do they associate this with a better Marvel era, meaning they might turn out in droves? All will be revealed, I guess, as Crisp Rat attempts total box office domination (he’s also in Super Mario Bros). And we all know what happens when you prepare… for total… domination…


Thank you, Bring It On, for this gif(t) that keeps on giving.

[Photos: Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock]