Happy weekend, everyone!

OMG, Rihanna’s baby is SOOOOOO CUTE. [Lainey]

News you can use: Judge tentatively OKs $725M Facebook settlement: How to apply for a payout. [The Hill]

Have you watched any of this? Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulos predictably aren’t doing well hosting Live [Celebitchy]

We rounded up some of the good stuff from the big Sephora sale!

Head on down to your basement lair at The New Yorker: “The Phantom of the Opera” Takes a Final Bow.

At the LA Times: Disneyland feels classist now. Is it killing the magic for everyone?

All of this has been very upsetting and bad. The Cut reports: The Jonathan Majors Fallout Has Begun

I love this Café Anne in general, and this issue is so fun: NYC Bodega Workers Reveal Their Favorite Snacks!

This is fascinating: The Kylix Marvel: Why Experts Distrust the Story of an Ancient Cup’s Rebirth. [NYT]

Important reportage at WaPo: From cheeseheads to ‘dong bongs,’ ranking MLB’s best home run celebrations

Super interesting: The Four Stages of Recipe Development. [Food Processing]

At Vulture: Netflix’s Era of Lowered Expectations.

I fear I’m moving into my Linen Shirt Phase of life. [Banana Republic, affiliate link]

Fug National Katherine, who works at Alight,  the humanitarian aid organization, wrote in this week and asked us to share the following about the current situation in Sudan, which we were more than happy to do: “The situation in Sudan is increasingly dire. There is particular need for humanitarian aid and access to health services. I’m wondering if you might consider giving folks a primer on the situation and letting them know that Alight is on the ground responding with critical support in areas where staff are able to be a bit more mobile.”

This week, at Drinks With Broads, all subscribers got Heather’s take on the issues with this season of Ted Lasso, and the introduction of a new feature called Enter Through The Gift Shop and folks at the paid level — $5 a month, or $50 a year! — got both our Succession and Yellowjackets recaps, AND a round-up of Coachella gossip, as well as the big news that Mischa Barton is joining a legacy Australian soap that we all thought was cancelled.

And, finally, I meant to share this last week, but dropped the ball. Beloved Fug National Tony G went to New York’s Easter Parade and saw some AMAZING hats that he shared with me. I wanted everyone to see this amazing snap in particular:


That is so clever and great. What a creative look! Hopefully Tony G will pop in and tell us more about his experience; it sounded so fun!

Photo by New York Times Co./Getty Images