Apparently, Star Wars Celebration is something that happens annually, but it got more attention this year because the powers that be debuted the trailer for The Last Jedi. And yes, I’m very excited, because despite this franchise taking over everything everywhere, I love it. ANYHOO: Daisy, bless, threw herself into this with some serious clothes. And as adorable as she is, this outfit is… akimbo. I’m most baffled by the skirt, which is either an homage to wonders of static electricity, or actually intentionally built to look like it’s slowly eating itself like a human painstakingly Hoovering a spaghetti noodle. If the skirt were just simpler, and perhaps shorter, the fulness of the top would’ve been more than enough of a statement. Although…

Star Wars Celebration

Why are her cuffs detached? Who needs more ventilation right near where there is ALREADY VENTILATION? Is this the work of someone so paralyzed by the inability to wear a bracelet with this top that he/she turned the sleeves INTO some? And, not for nothing, the skirt is vexing from this angle, too. I love Daisy Ridley, but… well, it kinda reminds me of watching one of the beans play Little League: There’s a lot of passion, but at the end of the day, the mechanics aren’t there, and sometimes he swings the bat like a golf club and there was one time he pirouetted, so… we have work to do.

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