Sigourney Weaver and Margaret Qualley are in Berlin launching My Salinger Year, based on Joanna Rakoff’s novel about a wannabe writer who becomes the assistant to J.D. Salinger’s literary agent. Much of the discussion at the early presser was about the movie’s efforts to give opportunities to more women:

“Our producers Kim (McCraw) and Luc (Déry) went out of their way to hire women who might not have been heads of department, who carried the load for a long time, made them heads of department, and gave them that chance,” Weaver said at a press conference on Thursday. “Boy, did they do a hell of a job.”


The author, who shares an executive producing credit on the movie, noted that beyond the two lead performances, women performed a host of key below-the-line roles, including editor Mary Finlay, production designer Élise de Blois, and cinematographer Sara Mishara. She described it as “a pretty unusual experience” to see so many women calling the shots on set, adding: “Obviously, we need more of that.”

The movie is not getting super reviews, but at least we don’t have to wait for freaking Avatar parts 2 through 400 to see her on-screen if we don’t want to, or we somehow can’t find Working Girl running on cable.

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