Apparently “Thirsty Thursday” is a thing that exists on the Internet, which… of course it is. And Vanessa Hudgens posted three Instagram shots of herself both winking at the concept and benefiting from it, which is not the worst social strategy — you get credit for the humor, but also your hotness. It culminated in her attending the premiere of the new West Side Story on Broadway dressed like a high-fashion Sandy from the Grease finale. If we’re being truly thematic here, though, it’s not actually the best outfit with which to end your Thirsty Thursday. Her head is lovely, and the top is fine; beyond that, I can’t tell if it’s one piece or two, and everything from the waist down seems imprecise. Maybe by this point in her day her thirst had been fully quenched, and she’d emotionally moved on to Feh Friday.

[Photo: Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]