This event — as implied by my headline there! — is usually better attended by celebs, but I have to think that scheduling anything in the couple of days after the Met Gala is a recipe for poor attendance. People are dragging. I AM DRAGGING. So god bless Ciara for popping out and looking chic in something that could easily look kinda rumpled on other people, to accept her award for Sustainability (I did not know Ciara sold any accessories, but I guess it makes sense), and Julianne Hough for coming to accept her award as “Style Ambassador:”

27th Accessories Council ACE Awards, New York, USA - 03 May 2023

I’d also be interested in hearing Juliette’s keynote speech on How To Totally Transform Your Look Just With Bangs! but that’s probably a different event….although bangsĀ can be an accessoriy.

[Photo by Ron Adar/Shutterstock]