Good news! What I thought was a rather sad little top knot lurking atop Zendaya’s lovely head is actually the starting line of a long braid:

Which was a very wise move considering how hot it was yesterday. Everyone who had her hair down on the red carpet must have been sincerely jealous of how cool this looks, although it’s a little too long for my own personal Long Braid Tastes. But were they jealous of everything happening from the neck down? I ask you.

This is an amazing tube top (it’s hard to tell in this photo, but I promise these are separates). I am not sure if it’s an amazing tube top that I LIKE, but I can totally acknowledge that it’s mesmerizing and possibly impossible to resist. I just think they are some looks that are presented to a celebrity and they inspire the reaction, “This is crazy and I don’t even like it, but OMG, I want to wear it anyway.”  Like a charismatic but terrible boyfriend. You suspect it’s a bad idea, but you’re going to do it anyway and see if you can get away with it.

What's your take?

  • She looks great. (14%, 642 Votes)
  • She looks great, but this is a VERY high level of difficulty. (59%, 2,722 Votes)
  • No. I don't like this on her or on anyone. (20%, 927 Votes)
  • Eh. (6%, 289 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,580

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