First of all, you need to know that it was, technically speaking, HOT AS BALLS in Los Angeles this weekend.

When I got into my car on Sunday, the thermometer read 120 degrees. It eventually got down to the actual temperature, which was a temperate and balmy 103. So, frankly, the person who decided that Willow Shields should go ahead and wear this long-sleeved, part LEATHER look they pulled IS INSANE.  You all have the weather app on your phone. Look at it, and then choose not to torture your client. The worst part, of course, is that it’s not like this look is seasonally brutal but super awesome. Willow Shields is sartorially adventurous and she’s got charm to spare. There is NO WAY her best option was looking like an extra from The Ice Storm who is currently praying to get caught in one, just to cool down.

[Photo: Getty]