Tatiana Maslany was outstanding in the bit of Orphan Black that I saw — I wandered away from it by accident somewhere during season two, and eventually got the sense it limped to the finish line — so I’m really interested to see how she slots into the Marvel universe as Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. the She-Hulk. Regrettably, the primary press I’ve seen about the show has to do with Captain America. One little gag about his virginity has overshadowed most of the other elements of the show in early discourse, which really bums me out. But I did also read one review that said the show is fairly horny, which I appreciate. It makes SENSE that more of these hot people with outsize powers might also have raging hormones.

Anyway, I’d have loved a cover of Maslany, but Adele got it this month instead. (She maybe should’ve sat that one out, to be frank.) Although I’m not sure the Maslany pictures are much better than Adele’s. Modeling is tough to master even when it’s your focus, much less when it’s something you try in passing on the way to your actual job. Adele is majestic on stage and Tatiana is magnetic on screen, but nether of them quite have that zing in an awkward photoshoot setting, though Tatiana does at least look like she has attempted some motion — even if she is also trying to catch her balance afterward (seriously, one of these photos is so teetery that it makes my palms clammy).

The piece is fine, though it relies heavily on one of her friends, and there is a weird undercurrent of, “Why would this good actress bother with Marvel?!?” I never feel like anyone needs to ask or answer that question. Plenty of super performers have taken those jobs, and even if they have artistic reasons out the wazoo, those MCU actors can now pay the mortgage for the rest of their LIVES. I’d break off a piece of that, too.

[Photos: Silver Chang for Elle]