Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul is a satire coming out on Peacock about a woman whose minister husband somehow disgraces himself and they have to claw their way back into the congregation’s good graces, or… something? There are a lot of heavy hitters here — Daniel Kaluuya and Jordan Peele produced it — but I can’t hang onto the actual plot yet, because one of my friend groups has a joke that “honk” is a synonym for having sex. So every time I read the title of this movie, I imagine that, and it makes me giggle. Like, “HONK FOR JESUS” is a college Christian student group that tries to find ways around the whole No Premarital Sex rule (and was probably founded by the CCD teacher I had who tried to relate to us all by telling us Jesus was the life of every party, first on the dance floor, chilling with all the prostitutes; that is literally the only thing I recall from that class, which cannot have been the intent). I would watch that movie. Maybe the Easy A or Saved! folks can do it.

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