SWINTON is in Marrakech leading the film festival’s jury, and she has emerged in fiery-noggined glory. I have no idea what her natural hair color actually is, but I first became familiar with her as a redhead, and so it’s a welcome return for me even if this is ACTUALLY the departure from her norm. Unfortunately, the suit is not nearly so crisp. The collar designed to be half-popped is okay, I guess, mostly for the unexpected chartreuse accent, but I think I’d like it better if the jacket itself had precise tailoring around it. And the pants. The PANTS. You can see here what I’m bewailing, but when she walks it’s also clear:

18th Marrakech International Film Festival : Opening Ceremony

I feel like there is a LOT of superfluous fabric here, but I could maybe live with it a bit easier if it didn’t all puddle around her feet.

[Photos: Shutterstock]