This is fabulous. First of all, who doesn’t love a dramatic cape? (It’s Thom Browne.) Second, this visual reference to her as a Revolutionary War general is definitely intentional and also appropriate in many ways, given that the work of Stacey Abrams and other grassroots organizers in Georgia (and across the United States) probably, you know, saved America.

The interview, by Ashley C. Ford, is fantastic — wide-ranging and smart and very inspiring. Click through to read it, and also to see the inside shots, which are also great; Abrams is dressed in all American designers and there’s a fabulous Sergio Hudson coat dress involved. I could pull so many quotes from the piece — you’ll love the part where she talks about her career as a romance novelist — but I went with this one:

It’s just that the idea of an ultimate and everlasting win doesn’t fit into the context of her work or her faith. “Because there’s nothing permanent about the change that we’re making until people believe it’s a change they should defend and maintain. And so every election, every fight, you’ve got to remind people that they have the capacity to win, and you have to do it anew.”

Let’s go!

Photos: AB+DM Studio