A year ago, we were all thinking, “Ohhh, Melina Matsoukas is a Fug Madness STAR OF THE FUTURE.” She confidently wore some of the weirdest stuff we’d seen in a long time, and as January rolled into February, the months stretched before us like a glorious yellow brick road leading us straight to the Wizard of Guffaws. I mean, LOOK AT THIS. It looks foraged — scraped together and semi-homemade from several other pieces and a little bit of Elmer’s Glue. There was, there is, and there will be more where this came from, and I hate that we all have to wait, but… it will be there for us. It WILL. Like Michael Phelps taking time off and then coming back in and winning a truckload of gold medals, Melina WILL come back to us.

[Photos: Shutterstock]