Sofia Carson seems to understand the summer content doldrums, and has thoughtfully worked overtime to make sure we have enough posts every day. If I could give her an award for that, I would. It would have a base built to look like a stack of empty Diet Coke cans, atop which would sit a lady furrowing ruthlessly at a computer screen. This weird, scratchy-looking lace tunic with anklesnappers is a definite conversation piece. I honestly thought she was Lily Collins when I saw the thumbnail. If Emily in Paris season 3 decides to do a doppelganger storyline — in which the company sends another young hotshot to France, but this time one who actually tried to learn French first and wasn’t mostly just interested in going viral on her own terrible Instagram — then let’s cast her and sit back and bask in the prospect of WILD promotional fashion.

[Photo: John Parra/Getty Images for The Recording Academy]
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