Jennifer wore this Versace on Seth Meyers’s show, and her dress is thwarted by its own design. I know you might guess that either the dress or her bra is betraying her, but no, it’s just a frock that’s made to look like an accident-in-progress. Truly confounding when you consider the rest of it is pretty cute. (I do prefer the more neon color of the runway version.) Unclear why Versace is into the idea of us furrowing our brow and leaning in to stare, but maybe the “leaning in to stare” is the ultimate goal there.

She looked REALLY cute in the run-around-town sweats look in which she arrived:

'Late Night with Seth Meyers' TV show, New York, USA - 17 Aug 2021

Honestly? I’d just have worn that. Curl up on the couch in a REAL way.

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