Skai — a Disney actress, in case you, like me, are not totally Up On The Youngs — appears to like a pattern. She went to a pre-U.S. Open tennis event in New York in this Victoria Beckham, which is peppered with sunglasses big and small. I don’t know if the mere presence of shades on one’s body is an automatic win, as it so often can be when they are perched on a person’s face; the giant cuffs on the shirt are a bit odd, as is the bonus ruffle, which makes her pelvis look vaguely like an accent pillow. But that hot orange color is super, and that plus the sunnies is pretty potent sauce. I am not mad at this, as it happens.

However, I might be a little cranky at this one:

2018 Black Girls Rock!

You can show me whatever proof you want: I will never beĀ entirely convinced someone didn’t spill water down one part of the original sketch for this. Polka dots are interesting enough, I think, without needing a gimmick. Much less a gimmick that makes me afraid I need my eyes checked.