Everything about this picture pleases me:

Rihanna does some cute poses for photographers while on the set of 'Whats My Name

[Photo: Splash News]

Where to begin? RiRi’s in the midst of filming a music video here, so I suspect — AND PRAY TO GOD — that this is just what she’s wearing while being shot from the waist up. Because otherwise, dear Fug Nation, we’re in for a long, long winter of girls running around with their Spanx hanging out, wearing the disposable slippers they give you at Korean day spas right before they slough off the top seven or eight layers of your skin. Although, truly, would that be SO bad? Those slippers are comfortable and probably quite affordable. Clearly, I ought to be more supportive. And they must be at last SOMEWHAT secretly alluring — look how much the dude standing behind Rihanna is enjoying the view.

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