Wow. We gave you kind of a tough one this week — to write a faux-Vogue cover line about the theoretical article featuring occasional contributor Lauren Santo Domingo’s dress, or indeed, “dress” — but as usual, you guys kicked its ass and then sent its pulpy, quivering remains in a box to your mortal enemy with a note that said, “See?”
Celebrity guests from fashion and film arrive for the 27th Annual Night of Stars Benefit, NYC

[Photo: Splash News]

Remember the time recently when our site wouldn’t load properly, and none of the polls were showing up, and we were (probably) howling about it on Twitter? Apparently, for very dull technical reasons, that has resulted in us having to put the poll after the jump, so please click the link to read your three finalists and vote on the winner. It’ll be worth it! They’re good.

Option 1, by Jennifer M: 
“Lance Armstrong: An Exclusive: Why He Said Adieu To The Tour and Bonjour to Couture. Vogue Unveils His Livestrong Dress.
Option 2, by Kristin W:
“The Sad Vagina: Exploring This Fall’s Surprising New Trend”
Option 3, by Ivy:
“ECO CHIC: Get Dressed In The Dark, Save Electricity