OKAY. So, at first glance, I was unmoved by Shailene’s oversized 80s Diane Keaton Inherits a Baby-style suit. But that was 36 hours ago, and as the earth has turned I’ve come to realize that while I personally may not have the emotional fortitude to revisit the Oversized LadySuits of Yore, it doesn’t mean that Shailene shouldn’t. Just as my own mother slowly shook her head when I showed up for Christmas break wearing an absurd pair of light blue flares, so shall I shake my head at today’s youths when they wear the trapping of my own youth — and, in this case, the trappings of the grown-ups of my youth, and/or various costumes from early seasons of thirtysomething.

This Dior, however, is pretty solid by all accounts:

Adrift - Photocall - 44th Deauville American Film Festival, France - 05 Sep 2018

It’s vaguely Victorian in a way that is soothing. Like PBS in a dress.

[Photos: Julien Reynaud/ABACA/INSTARimages.com, ETIENNE LAURENT/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock]