Given my druthers, I’d have switched Meghan’s two most recent outfits, pulling the suit she wore on Monday for this event and this Jason Wu frock for the Well Child Awards. Clearly they do put thought into her clothes, which is great, but with the suit I think Team Sussex (understandably) leaned too heavily into Sick Kids Are A Serious Business and forgot that Sick Kids Are Also Still Kids. I have never met a child who gets super excited about a black pantsuit, no matter how on-point, but my own boys are delighted if I emerge in even the lamest, most casual of cotton summer dresses. “NICE DRESS, MOM! WHERE ARE YOU GOING? ARE YOU GOING OUT???” they will say, as they gather around and pat the skirt. They are nine, and they still do that. To people that age, the simple fact of a dress often just feels more special, and a bright color even more so; if Meg wasn’t going to go with the Queen’s strategy of making sure people can see you even from far away, then I’d at least have gone with a frock of some kind.

HAVING SAID THAT: She frocked up here for the 100 Days to Peace concert in a blue number by Jason Wu, so score one for… a lot of people, frankly, as he was born in Taiwan, raised in Canada, and bases his business in the U.S.A. (I had that wrong earlier; sorry!) The slingback shoes are new ones by her favorite designer, Aquazzura. (You can get them for sliiiiightly cheaper in white, and slightly cheaper still in yellow; the various kitten-heel options are half the price, but that amount is still, well, very whole-priced by my personal standards.) And the purse, a bespoke Dior, is I believe the same one she carried at the RAF Centenary when Dior put her in that chic navy boatneck. Harry, meanwhile, is wearing what I feel is a terrible olive-brownish tie. Sorry, Haz. It’s true.

The photos we have are from outside, but the reporters inside per usual got good stuff. Here’s a video of some walking and hand-holding, complete with a very warm shared glance:

Here, they enter, take their seats, and listen to a wonderful rendition of “God Save the Queen,” which always gets me a little misty. Especially the older Liz gets.

And, BONUS AFFECTION: I just saw this from the other day’s event:

That is some Olympic backstroke right there.

[Photos: Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock]